From a summer beach,

to a winter forest.


Hello! I’m very glad you stopped by.

I hope it’s ok to keep talking while I pop the kettle on.

My name is Matthew Devitt. I’m 35 years old. I grew up in Australia and moved to Germany in 2017. The historic city of Nuremberg is now my home town.

I’m very tall. Not freakishly tall, just tall enough for people to keep saying “Wow - you’re pretty tall!”. That type of tall. Constantly-banging-my-head-on-things type of tall.

When I lived in Australia I ran two businesses. One sold solar panels, and the other sold wooden watches.

It was a lot of work.

Early mornings and late nights. It was an absolute blast.

I’m very creative, and I love the environment. Running two ‘green’ companies fit me like a glove. When I decided to move to Germany, part of the appeal was to try something different. To meet new people. Learn a second language. Break out of my comfort zone.

It’s been challenging. And fun. And unpredictable. And more rewarding than I ever imagined.

Since living in Bavaria I’ve had a bunch of side-jobs. I’ve worked in a cafe, an Irish pub, a gymnasium, and a Mexican restaurant - and every experience has taught me a lot. Not least of which is that hospitality doesn’t pay very well.

I’ve been freelance writing for several years. Over time, my passion and my client base have grown to the point where I now get to write every single day. And I love it. As I’m typing this, I’m sitting in a cafe in a small town called Kitzbühel in the Austrian Alps, watching the snow fall.

This right here. This is the life.

I enjoy many different things. I love exploring Europe. I love watching (and deconstructing) movies. I do yoga. I collect whiskey. I love basketball, and I like distance running. My heroes are Andrew Bogut, Sam Harris, Stanley Kubrick, and Jordan Peterson. My daily meditation is sitting in a cafe with my laptop, a cappuccino and a head full of ideas.

Thanks to email, Skype and the humble smartphone, I work with clients throughout Europe and all over the world.

My job is amazing because there is no 9-to-5. I can (and do) work at all hours of the day and night - from wherever I happen to be.

I thrive on the creativity, the flexibility and the challenge of being a freelance copywriter. I work with lots of great clients, and I’m always meeting new ones. If you’ve read this far - hopefully we’ll have a chance to work together on your next project.

Email me via matthewdevitt@zoho.com, call me on (+49) 1755264416, or simply hit the button below.

Can’t find the right words?